Lunch Menu







St. Mary's School is pleased to provide a daily hot lunch and snack program. Please note, all lunch menus must be submitted by the requested due date. No exceptions will be made, hot lunches will not be provided for students without prepaid lunch orders.  Please remember that we have fresh snacks for $1.00 and snack cart items from .50 cents to $1.00 available for students to purchase during their morning recess. Daily fresh items include:

Monday:                      Nachos

Tuesday:                     Fresh Fruit      

Wednesday:                Donuts

Thursday:                    Bagels

Friday:                         Churros

I thank you in advance for turning in your lunch menus by the requested due dates. Your support of this policy allows us to more accurately plan our lunch menus and prepare correct quantities to ensure every student received the lunch they pre-ordered.

Ms. Rios,