St. Marys' Angels will be...

Academically Prepared Students
  • Who uses critical thinking skills and applies strategies
  • Who demonstrates the ability to utilize technology
  • Who displays knowledge of required curricula
Involved in Parish and Community
  • Who is service to others in their Community
  • Who possess sound mind and body
  • Who participates in extracurricular activities
Globally Aware
  • Who respects the environment
  • Who appreciates multicultural diversity
Effective Communicators
  • Who articulates ideas in both writing and speaking
  • Who displays the ability to work as both a leader and team member
Life Long Learners
  • Who shows respect and is willing to learn
  • Who strives to be creative and appreciates the fine arts
Spiritually Responsive
  • Who has good moral character based on the teachings of Christ
  • Who prays and is active in their faith
  • Who understands the teachings of the Church