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December 2017 Newsletter


I just arrived home from Sunday Mass at which we celebrated the Feast of Christ the King and listened to the Gospel about the Corporal Works of Mercy.  I don’t know about you but at the time of the final judgment, I want to be among the sheep on the right of God and not with the goats on the left.

That being the goal, then let's all use these four weeks of Advent to find Jesus in those around us, practicing those Works of Mercy.  Our collection of food for St. Vincent de Paul is a convenient way to begin. 

Bring food and drink to feed the hungry on the first of December or any day actually.  The plastic collection bins are always waiting to be filled in the vestibule of the church. Around your own home, you can feed the hungry by taking part in the cooking of meals, setting the table, washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen.

During this Advent/Christmas time, the volunteers who visit the jails here in the Antelope Valley are in need of cookies to share with the prisoners of all ages.  This can be our way of “visiting” those who are imprisoned.  Visiting the sick can be done by a phone call, text, letter, card, or an actual visit to those in the hospital, homebound, or ill. It could mean keeping the home quiet when someone is sick in the house or making a hot cup of chicken soup.

We can shelter the homeless by giving them clothing, blankets, jackets, and sleeping bags during this cold season.

Death is a part of living and it is merciful to pray for the dead, attend funerals, visit cemeteries, decorate graves, send sympathy cards, and remember those who have died.  They are part of the Communion of Saints and are praying for us.

Jesus said that what we do to the least of His people, we do to Him.  On that, we will be judged and on our Christ-like actions towards others. This will be our key to heaven and happiness


The Immaculate Conception feast on December 8th is a Holy Day for us, and the celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe is a feast on the 12th of December.  Our parish community is combining the Mary feasts with a festival on Sunday, December 10th from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.  Plan to join the honoring of Mary with food, entertainment, and costume contests.


While we really want to hold off on Christmas until the final days of Advent, it seems impossible with the students.  The boys and girls will have the opportunity to shop at the Secret Santa Workshop on December 13-15.  Item and price lists will be sent home so children can come prepared for purchases.

The music classes are preparing to entertain all of us on Friday night December 15th at 7:00 pm.  Ms. Robin and the teachers will inform each class about clothing or simple costumes for the Christmas Program.


Fr. Vaughn and I would like to thank you for all your support with your children in helping them understand how important “STEWARDSHIP” is to all of us. Our giving tree is full with leaves from your contributions.  Our giving tree was presented to Fr. Vaughn at our school Mass on Friday, December 1st.


Saint Mary Sunday Mass is on Sunday, December 17th at 10:30 am. Come join our school community at Mass, our 3rd graders will be assisting in leading us in the liturgy. Then join us for breakfast with Santa in the parish hall. Breakfast will be served from 7:30 am to 12:00 pm all proceeds go to help the building fund of our parish buildings.               


Dec. 1st – Parent/Teacher Conferences

Dec. 1st – 3rd Barnes and Noble/Student Performances

Dec. 3rd – First Sunday in Advent

Dec. 4th –Dec. 8th Online orders for Barnes and Noble still credit the school

Dec. 4th – Room Parent meeting 8:30 am

Dec. 5th – Awards Ceremony 1:30 pm in the Church

Dec. 6th – PTO Board meeting 6:30 pm

Dec. 7th – Student of the Month Breakfast 6:45 in the Parish Hall

Dec. 8th – Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary – Holy Day of Obligation Mass 8:30 am led by the Marian Club

Dec. 9th – Palmdale Christmas Parade meet at Marie Kerr Park 7:30 am

Dec. 10th – 2nd Sunday in Advent

Dec. 11th – Advent Reconciliation for grades 3rd-8th 9:15 in the church

Dec. 12th – Feast of Our Lady Guadalupe

Dec. 13th -15th Secret Santa Workshop in the school  cafeteria

Dec. 14th – Celebrate Baptisms

Dec. 15th – 8:30 Mass led by 4th grade

Dec. 15th – Christmas Program at 7:00 pm in the church

Dec. 16th – NJHS- Helping children at the Holiday Jam at the AV Hospital 11:00-3:00p

Dec. 17th -  Breakfast with Santa 7:30am -12:00pm

Dec. 17th – Saint Mary Sunday Mass 10:30 am Dec. 20th – Teacher’s Mass 8:30 am

Dec. 20th- Las Posadas in the Hall

Dec. 20th –  Noon Dismissal

Dec. 21st- Jan. 7th Christmas Vacation

Jan. 8th- School Resumes


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