Volunteers must complete the following prior to being granted volunteer time in classrooms or on school field trips:

1) Completion of Virtus Training

2) Completion of Fingerprinting

All parents and family members are welcomed and encouraged to volunteer their time in various areas on campus.  Volunteers may assist in the cafeteria, classroom, an office or with the parish and receive Service Hour credit.

Per Archdiocesan requirements, all volunteers must attend the "Protect the Children" sponsored "Virtus Training" session prior to any volunteering.  This includes chaperoning field trips, assisting in the classroom and any other event where students are present.  Sessions are scheduled at regular intervals throughout the school year, and dates are included in our monthly Principal Newsletter or Home Page of this website when available.  Both sessions are offered in both English and Spanish.  Please contact Saint Mary's Parish Office to register.  Once you have attended this session please submit a copy of the certificate of completion to the school office for our records.  Verification must be provided in order to participate in student activities.  Original certifications are valid for 4 years, at which point recertification is required. 

In addition, all volunteers are required to be fingerprinted.  Fingerprinting opportunities are provided and sponsored by the Los Angeles Archdiocese at regular intervals throughout the school year.  A schedule of current dates/times is provided in communication through the Principal Newsletter or on the Home Page of this website as available.  Please contact the specific fingerprinting location to register.  Once you have completed fingerprinting, please provide a copy of the form provided by the fingerprinting agency as verification of completion.  This will allow tracking of the report should results be delayed or unknown.  Clearance MUST be received from the Archdiocese via the VPIN database before individuals are permitted to volunteer and a Photo ID Badge will be issued upon clearance.  Please contact the school office to verify clearance approval.

All information obtained is kept confidential and secure within the VPIN database provided by the Los Angeles Archdiocese.

If you should have any questions or concerns, please contact the school office at 661 273-5555.